Space Creation

Aside from producing goods utilizing salmon boxes, ARAMAKI deals with creating space.
They plan, design and manufacture furniture and furniture displays, using the original function of the boxes and their unique graphical patterns. Stalls and temporary stages for music events, as well as tree houses and doghouses can be ordered upon request.

Miscellaneous Shop

D&DEPARTMENT aims to deal in life-long design. To give some variety to the store with many industrial products, the cashier counter was renovated with cut pieces of salmon boxes, overlapping them like fish scales.
They also installed a fitting room, reusing industrial display furniture. To be easily dismantled and build by anyone, the wooden plates, which are made by combining pieces of salmon boxes, are divided into a few parts. This simple process is taught in a workshop.

by 3KG(Sapporo, Hokkaido)

Coffee Stand

Gotenzan Tea Lab is a small coffee stand furnished with reused wooden materials.
It features a coffee dripper stand, and display shelves. Applying the boxes’ original function as a carrier, the boxes are stacked as shelves. They are light and easy to handle, therefore also suitable as a stall counter at an event.

Gotenzan Tea Lab.(Sapporo, Hokkaido)

Tree House

Located on the same site as ARAMAKI BASE is a tree house decorated with salmon boxes.
The salmon box pieces are used all over on the exterior wall, inside floor, bed and counter. It is like a small showroom. You can sleep over in the house with Wi-Fi and power outlets.