Event Creation

It is not only the products and spaces that the craftsmen create, but also the lifestyles and relationships which exist around these salmon boxes.
In addition to delicious cuisine, salmon-box themed workshops, concerts, and conferences are held.

Sake Summit (Salmon Summit)

Date November 26th, 2016 / November 11th, 2017
VenueVenue: Tomo no Ie 2 (Eniwa, Hokkaido)

In 2015, Murakami and Shikagawa headed to Kushiro with their prototypes – a bag and a “Shakelele.” This was the first time to meet Mr. Hatano, the company president of Yoshioka Seikan. In addition to visiting the factory, they were also introduced to the related businesses – a lumber mill and fishery. Mr. Hatano is one of ARAMAKI’s supporters.

“We want to share our experience in Kushiro,” thought the craftsmen, and began “Sake Summit.” In the first year, they invited Mr. Hatano and had a talk on the present situation and future prospect of salmon boxes. New products were exhibited on stage and live music was performed using a Shakelele.
The event was held at Tomo no Ie 2 which is a renovated farmer’s house, located in the suburbs. The table was full of salmon cuisine – sushi, salmon soup, pizza, fritters, and finally with salmon ramen noodles cooked by “Mensho Akamatsu” which is a famous ramen shop in Sapporo.
The whole event began with the craftsmen taking that first step out of their studios. Sake Summit is like a festival that embodies ARAMAKI’s spirit itself. Through creation, ARAMAKI aims to pass on what they saw and heard and continues to hold this event once a year.


Date April 28th – June 2nd, 2018
Venue D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT SAPPORO by 3KG (Sapporo, Hokkaido)

This exhibition was divided into three sections; history, products and stage. In the history section, the history and background of Aramaki Sake was traced, and the meaning of each logo on the salmon boxes was explained one by one. A movie of the rotary press in action revealed a close look at the production process, in addition to exhibiting the finished products. A façade was installed on the front of the building, which made some people to think that it was a fish market that sells Aramaki Sake.

During the exhibition period, they held a variety of events such as a talk session with Mr. Shin Sasaki who is a representative of the “3KG” design company, a workshop to make stamped bags and T-shirts using the plates, lessons with the Shakelele, and an acoustic show by Mr. Takashi Hamasaki. When Mr. Hamasaki comes to Hokkaido he always plays the Shakelele and when he travels all over Japan he can always be seen with the footrest ARAMAKI made as a surprise present for this event.
ARAMAKI began with a simple salmon box, but the movement has expanded, transcending the creation of products, and infusing the essentials of daily life.